Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cynthia and Israel's Honeymoon Shoot

These kids were crazy enough to do a honeymoon shoot the day after their wedding! We had a great time though. It's always nice and relaxing the day after a wedding, and Cynthia and Israel were just beaming.

I love how romantic Main Street is. I could stay and take photos there all day if I had to. When I worked at the park, I would walk through Main Street after closing time because it always had this special feel to it. I'd wonder if Walt Disney would walk around at night and sit on the Main Street benches. Some Cast Members said they'd seen his ghost walking the train tracks, checking to make sure the park was still okay.   

These Mainstreet Vehicle photos always end up with me running after the trolley like a crazy person with a camera. ;)

Cynthia and Israel had their hats made for them through Hat and Mouse. I thought they were so adorable.

Cynthia and Israel are so completely comfortable around each other. They had no problem relaxing and enjoying each other's company during their photoshoot.

Taking photos on Dumbo and trying to coordinate this shot reminded me of the time all of the Fantasyland Cast Members had a team building event and participated in a synchronized Dumbo competition. Cynthia and Israel could have given them a run for their money.   

Cynthia and Israel were laughing about the time they first met. I loved listening to them banter back and forth, it was really cute. 

And of course, we had to end the shoot right. With a photo of their awesome Micky hats:


  1. Aww! I'm glad they got a honeymoon shoot with you and were just as happy and excited as they were at their wedding just the day before. I love Main Street too and I always like how your vehicle shots turn out! It's my favorite people-watching place. :) I really liked Cynthia's fascinator. It's the same one her BM's rocked at her wedding and I loved the way they looked! The Dumbo shots are great too. I love that ride! Congrats to Cynthia and Israel once again! :D

  2. Bride facinator made by Hat & Mouse