Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wedding Reception Movie Posters

When Rosanna and Steven said they were having a 1920's themed wedding, my creative mind went soaring to  zillions of fun possibilities. I've been working on movie posters for their wedding reception (taking place at the Disney Resort), and they gave me permission to post these on my blog ahead of time. I can't wait to see them printed on their wedding day! I hope you enjoy!

Steven works as an editor in the film industry and Rosanna is a huge horror movie buff, so we decided to make a poster that was romantic, but still a little on the horror movie side-hence, the title. ;)

And of course, we can't leave out their sweet Zoey!


  1. How cute and what a great way to incorporate their e-pics with what they like!

  2. Thank you! The posters were so much fun to create. It's nice to get a project like this every once in a while!